Helping a Vet

On Sunday, April 13, 2013, SCHF completed a project for a disabled Vietnam Army Veteran. Andy has Parkinson's Disease as a result of the effects from Agent Orange.  He needed a ramp and a deck built onto his house to make it more accessible to the wheelchair that he sometimes needs to get around.  SCHF reached out to Home Depot in Riverhead to inquire about getting supplies donated for this project.  With short notice, the manager Andy and assistant manager Trish worked quickly to assist us.  They were able to get approval for the decking materials to be donated and with the help of Theresa and Denita at the ProDesk, they made sure everything we needed was available for pick up in less then one weeks time. Without their quick work and generosity we would not have been able to complete this project!

In addition to the supplies we received from Home Depot in Riverhead, we had the skillful masonry work donated by Eddie Chorzepa of Chorzepa Construction and the carpentry work donated by Bob Crouse of Robert Crouse Construction.  Within four hours time, these two men had completed two concrete ramps and a deck.  While that work was taking place, we had a few volunteers from SCHF doing some much needed yard clean up. We would like to thank: Chris Cuddihy, who was the initial contact person with Andy and brought his needs to the attention of SCHF,  Steve Dickson, Rene Rivera, Bill Lysen Sr., Billy Lysen Jr, Ron Dandrea, Jaden Rivera and Tianna Rivera.  It was a great team effort in getting this project done and in doing so, we made the life of a disabled veteran a little easier.  

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