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Homecoming Event for Cpl. Christopher Levi May 16, 2009

On May 16, 2009 members of Suffolk County Homefront, Inc participated in a homecoming event for Cpl Christopher Levi from Holbrook.  Cpl Levi was severely wounded in Iraq, March 17, 2008.  He lost both of his legs and much of the use of his right hand.  He has been at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC since that time rehabilitating.. While he has been hard at work mending his wounded body, his home in Holbrook has undergone major renovations to accommodate his needs.

On May 16, the community poured out in the thousands at Long Island MacArthur Airport to show Chris their appreciation and support and to lead him in a procession back to the place where he grew up....only it was not the same place he had left! It was a pleasure and an honor for the members of this organization to have participated in this well deserved homecoming! 



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